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Welcome to Hyperion Armor, a leading provider of state-of-the-art plate armor designed to meet and exceed the rigorous NIJ STANDARD 0101.07 RFS (National Technical Systems (NTS) tested) requirements. Our mission is to equip warriors and law enforcement professionals with top-tier protection through our armor, meticulously crafted from a unique composite material engineered for superior impact absorption.

Our armor stands as a testament to innovative defense technology, capable of withstanding up to six rounds. Featuring a sleek Olive Drab (OD) color complemented by a durable Polyurethane coating, our armor plates marry functionality with aesthetics, commanding a formidable presence on any battlefield.

As a standalone body armor solution, it guarantees exceptional reliability, providing unmatched defense without the need for additional layers. We take pride in offering hard armor solutions that are both cost-effective and affordable, demonstrating that uncompromising quality and performance need not come at a high price.

We invite you to join our ranks and experience the pinnacle of protective technology, where cutting-edge innovation, unparalleled craftsmanship, and affordability unite to safeguard you in the face of adversity. Hyperion Armor - Unyielding Defense for an Unpredictable World

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